We offer high-quality, affordable commercial vehicle wraps using full colour graphics, expertly applied to every corner of the vehicle for a striking result.

For a straightforward and simple message, then long-lasting vinyl letters could be the go-to method for branding your vehicles – and we can create a compelling effect with the addition of full-colour graphics.

Many advertising and branding professionals maintain that vehicle livery is the most cost-effective form of advertising, and we can apply graphics to anything – whether it be a car, van, lorry, or even a ship!

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There are three types of vehicle graphics to choose from, die cut vinyl text and/or logo, partial wrap and full wrap. The difference is their effectiveness and the perception of a business. Having a simple one-colour logo and/or text can portray one thing while having a full wrap can portray another, but the most significant aspect of choosing your vehicle graphic is determining which wrap or decal option is the best way to show off your business.

Similar to magnets, vehicle graphics cover only small parts of the vehicle; however, they can be cut to any shape with computer cutting.

These are a cost-effective way of exposing your brand, however, this approach is limiting in terms of capturing an audience as well as effectively displaying a company’s products & services. According to Signs of the Times, 49.1% of motorist notice die/print-cut graphics versus 93.8%, which notice full vehicle wraps. The main point of die/print-cut graphics is function versus aesthetics, which translates in promoting merely brand. Budget limitations are the most common reason for using die/print-cut graphics because even though vehicle graphics are the most cost-effective form of modern advertising, die/print-cut graphics are typically a fraction of the cost.

Ranging from ¼ of a wrap to ¾ of a wrap, partial wraps are a mixture between full wraps and decals for they only cover important parts of the vehicle.

Full wraps offer complete coverage, covering the majority of the vehicle. However, on larger vehicles (i.e.: fleet trucks) the roofs are not generally wrapped for they are not easily seen. With full wraps, most of the vehicle can be covered including windows with perforated vinyl (Contravision).

These are highly customizable and if designed well can have a high visual impact for a company’s marketing campaign. The key difference between a full wrap, partial wrap and die cut vinyl’s are (1) full vehicle wraps are noticed significantly more than die/print-cut graphics; (2) more information can be displayed on the wrap to inform consumers of a company’s products and services. In addition, companies prefer full vehicle wraps because they are less susceptible to theft and also provides protection for a vehicle’s paint that reduces the hassle of superficial damage when returning leased vehicles. However, the costs for vehicle wraps are generally 2 to 4 times higher than die/print-cut graphics and printed media is more susceptible to UV fading.