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Ashford, Kent

Throughout our forty-year history at Medash Signs we have developed relationships with all kinds of clients, many of whom turn to us again and again for multiple projects. Having provided the signage for Chapel Down’s Gin Works in King’s Cross at the end of 2018, we were also brought on to work on the new Ashford building for their Curious Brewery line of beers.

Located in Victoria Road – just across from Ashford International railway station – the new brewery is the result of a £1.7 million funding campaign, with the site being chosen for its proximity to the HS1 train line (and with the King’s Cross site taken into consideration, this means Chapel Down now have a major presence at both ends of the line).

We came onto the project in February 2019 and worked closely not only with Guy Hollaway Architects but also the building contractor, Jenner, and Curious Brewing themselves – assisting the architects with the planning application and working to make sure that the brewing company received top quality signage for their new building.

Our signage package on this project included three sets of built up and internally illuminated acrylic letters with a red underline – two of which were to be installed on the roof to be seen from the front and back of the building, with the third located at ground level to the front of the building. These were each mounted on supporting steel frames, fitted internally with LED lighting and faced with opal acrylic for a glowing lightbox effect after dark.

The front of the building sports a stylish water feature, with a vertical waterfall pouring over a giant question mark; this punctuation mark is also Medash’s handiwork, made from flat cut aluminium and fixed to the cladding of the back wall.


We also produced an illuminated sign for the entrance to the restaurant made up of 2mm folded aluminium containing LEDs, fret cut to design and finished to colour with 10mm opal Perspex letters pushed through the face and backed up with opal acrylic to create a halo effect.


The brewery itself has a production capacity of two million litres, and has been carefully soundproofed to keep noise to a well-controlled level (while still allowing enough ambient sound for drinkers and diners in the restaurant to enjoy the brewery atmosphere).

The production portion of the facility has been named ‘Miss Adams’, in honour of the former headmistress of the Victoria Road County Primary School that once stood on the site – and who is remembered for evacuating hundreds of children to safety immediately prior to the World War II bombing that destroyed the institution.

“This is a destination opportunity for Ashford and we’re so pleased that Chapel Down have decided to come here,” said Ashford Borough Council’s Chief Executive Tracey Kerly. “It’s rare to have a brewery in a town centre, and we’ve not got a brewery and restaurant right in the heart of Ashford.”

We at Medash Signs are immensely honoured to have worked on such a great project, and we can’t overstate how proud we are of our staff – each and every member of our team takes great pride in their workmanship and always gives the utmost care and attention to making sure every creation is perfect.

The finished Curious Brewery opened its doors on May 10th – a new “cathedral of beer” in the heart of Ashford that locals and commuters alike are sure to love for years to come.