“Having lost a dear colleague to Breast Cancer over 10 years ago now, I really must do that 5K Race for life in honour of her memory” – Donna Fryer

As I sit behind my desk, day in, day out and then drive my car home to collapse in heap on the couch after a few household chores, I usually sit there of an evening and reflect on all the things I should do but never actually get round to it by blaming it on my busy working life sat primarily behind that desk every day.

Having lost a dear colleague to breast ancer over 10 years ago now, I remember the promise each year that yes, I really must do that 5K Race for life in honour of her memory but alas each year comes and goes and I still do not take up the challenge. Each year passes and with each year the guilt grows that my friend and colleague, who was my age when she passed, with a child of a similar age, never got to live each year as I have and watch her child grow into a young adult as I have had the privilege to do so with my own child.

So when I was asked to do the Walk the Walk London 2018 marathon, some 26.2 miles, I decided enough was enough and I was going to take up the challenge to make up for the decade I’ve not got round to doing anything. All 10 missed Race for Life races in one go plus a couple of extra!!!

As the daily extent of my walking involves walking to and from the car park, I’m hoping that everyone reading this will realise just how completely out of my comfort zone this is and dig deep to give generously to this worthy cause.

Please help Donna make a difference by using the link below. The more people that know about Walk the Walk, the greater their impact, so please also spread the word by sharing my page. Thank you in advance for your generosity, it means a lot!