When it comes to choosing between Dibond signs and Aluminium signs, customers often want to know what the difference is between the two, and which one might be better for their needs.

Choosing the perfect sign for your project or your business often feels like a weighty decision. Whether it’s for business use or an individual purpose, you know that you want a sign that will serve your purpose, be eye-catching and attractive, durable and cost efficient!

Aluminium composite also known by the trade names of Dibond, Alucobond and Alupanel consists of two thin sheets of Aluminium enclosing a Polyethylene core. Suitable for a huge range of applications, it is lightweight but strong, resistant to the weather and the extremely flat surface is great for printing high-quality graphics or text. Ideal for directional signage, information signage and as wall signs.

Benefits of Aluminium

There’s a reason why aluminium is used so extensively – it’s the best material for the money. It won’t rust, it’s very flexible and it can also be folded to make a pan, which we strongly recommend if you are looking for a facia sign as there are no face fixings giving an overall cleaner finish. We have had great results producing aluminium signs and this is why we really promote it’s use to businesses or professionals who want to make an impactful first impression.

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